SOLiD M.E.N are a group of Christian brothers who have agreed to journey together as we seek an ever deeper and transformative relationship with Jesus.

By definition, a SOLiD is made up of many particles packed together much closer than the particles in a gas or liquid...no gaps.If we are to be SOLiD M.E.N, we must be close together...no gaps as we encourage, support and hold each other accountable...as iron sharpens iron.
Physical Fitness and Healthy Life Choices are a great metaphor for the Spiritual journey in Jesus.Each week on a Tuesday, SOLiD M.E.N "Check-in" on this WhatsApp chat group or the private Facebook page.
We score ourselves out of 5 in three key areas;
M - MindsetE - Exercise N - Nutrition
The scores correlate to these definitions;
1 - unacceptable 2 - poor 3 - satisfactory 4 - good 5 - excellent
Check-in Tuesday is a good way to maintain that accountability and to support the guys who might be struggling...
SOLiD M.E.N have several maxims;
"1st ministry""eyes up""78"
These and others will become familiar over time.One of the maxims is "What's your WHY?"As you know, we often go through seasons of trial and doubt...where giving up seems like the only option. It's at these times we need reminding of our WHY.
So I guess the first thing is to think about some goals that you want to achieve.As I mentioned, the physical fitness and training is a great metaphor for a disciplined, holistic life with the Lord.
Goals could fit into the categories of;
Mindset = Spiritual disciplines/habits
Exercise = Physical activity/fitness training
Nutrition = Healthy choices and habits
Two of SOLiD M.E.N core values are Leadership and Legacy. We firmly believe that being able to set, work towards and achieve our SOLiD goals will help us become better leaders, leaving a God honoring legacy for our families and friends.
We look forward to doing life with you brother